Hi there, I'm a Front-end Developer who has been working with eCommerce platforms like Magento and VTEX since 2013 (that's like more than {currentYear}-2013 years ago!).

This place is to write down what I discover and learn everyday at my workplace, so that's why this blog exists. Front-end may be the main topic, but who knows, probably I'll be publishing something else.

I usually write down technical stuff so I do not forget them, or personal experiencies related to my role as developer and Technical Leader (as fancy as it sounds).

Did you find any typo in my writtings?, well, that can happen because I'm from Argentina, meaning Spanish is my native language. So, why I'm I writing in English?, because it's fun, really, believe me.

By the way, Twitter kind of bores me so I do not have an active account there, but you can follow me on Instagram to find the food photos that the Internet desperately needs.

Feel free to contact me at nahuel [at] nahuelsanchez.com or find me on LinkedIn.